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briolina shows its desire to introduce new stories that inspire optimism and provide comfort through its soft materials, rounded shapes, and warm colours. Its lines, both winding and embracing, never lose sight of the modern and urban style. The brand's name itself - which is the combination of the word 'brio', cheerfulness of spirit, with 'lina', which in Italy is a short contraction for many feminine names - totally embodies this philosophy.

Combining refinement and contemporary style, briolina offers a complete collection of tables, chairs, lounge chairs, chairs with arms, stools, sofas and furniture complements made in Italy, ready to be placed in private homes and hospitality facilities around the world.


The brand is committed to sustainability: this is reflected in the catalogue's choice of textiles, which include recycled ones, as well as the creation of a seating collection where the foamed shell can be entirely recycled, transforming it into reusable multi-purpose panels.

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